Why do we March?

March to Get Screened (MTGS) was created with a vision to raise colon cancer awareness. Throughout the years, it has been developed to provide research and education and financial assistance.

MTGS was founded in 2009 by Jan Pratt, at that time 35 years old and now a two-time cancer survivor. Beginning her journey in 2002 Jan was seen by her Primary Care Physician with an illness disguised as a lingering cold. At the time, 50 was the recommended age for a colon cancer screening, but given her family history, Jan asked her physician to be checked earlier. 

Jan was referred to Borland Groover, which during the procedure, two ping-pong sized polyps were discovered, and she was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, it had spread to her colon wall. Shortly after the discovery, she required maximum chemotherapy and radiation, fighting the cancer she found herself in remission.

One year after her previous battle, Jan went in for a routine T-Scan which revealed that the cancer was back, this time in her lungs…again, Jan fought it and beat it!

In the midst of her journey, Jan realized there was nothing in the Northeast Florida area raising awareness to colon cancer. After contacting Borland Groover to join forces in raise awareness to getting screened for colon cancer, March To Get Screen was created!

To this day, Jan remains cancer free and hopes that sharing her story will inspire others to get screened. She believes that sharing the word will save lives and put an END to colon cancer!