March to Get Screened

March to Get Screened is a 5k to raise awareness of colon cancer. All proceeds benefit the BGC foundation for research and education. Come join us and spread awareness and honor those impacted by
colon cancer.

  • Getting screened saved my life. I was a non-smoking, normal weight 35 year old mom of 2 preschoolers when I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer (tumor size of 2 ping pong balls in my lower colon) proving that it is not just an old man thing.
    View the interview with Jan Pratt, Founder.

    The BGC Foundation

    Over the years, the Borland-Groover Clinic has seen the life changing effects that a digestive disease has on a person and their family. Because of the overwhelming need for education and research to fight these illnesses, both in the patient and physician community, the Borland-Groover Foundation was founded. Founded in 2004, exclusively for charitable, educational, medical and scientific purposes.

  • Sunday, March 29, 2015

      1. Registration: 8:00am
        9 am run/walk begins

      2. 503 1st St N
        Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier

      3. 5k Run or Walk,

      4. Participants receive a t-shirt,
      5. Gifts awarded for top team or fundraiser,
      6. Runners will be timed,
      7. After party at Lynch's,
      8. and Live Music by Darren Corlew!

      9. Questions? Contact us at (904) 383-1140.

    Thank you for doing your part for Colon Cancer Awareness. We are excited and looking forward to seeing you at the annual 5K this year and many years to come!

  • 2014

    We are looking forward to seeing our March to Get Screened family back again this year.

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    Borland-Groover's March To Get Screened is a 5K held in Jacksonville Beach. Every dollar raised will go to further education, research, prevention and a cure for Colon Cancer.

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    BGC Foundation
    Telephone:1 904 383 1140

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  • March to Get Screened, 5K

    March 29, 2015,
    at Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier

    It's our goal to make others aware that colon cancer can be prevented. Colon Cancer Screening is easier than you think and one of the best ways to prevent colon cancer. During your screening your physician is looking for precancerous polyps so he can remove them before they become cancerous. Your physician is also looking for cancer so he can treat it early.

    The MTGS 5k raises funds for research and education for Colon Cancer, the second leading cancer death. Every dollar raised by our participants will go to the BGC Foundation and further education, research, prevention and a cure for Colon Cancer.

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  • March to Get Screened

    Catching the beautiful sunrise at Jax Beach while preparing for our annual 5k to start is just one of the things we love about this event. The crisp morning air, excitement of coming to together makes it a time to remember for friends, family and the community. Join us at 503 1st Street North, Jacksonville Beach.